Purple Cows and Free Prizes – Seth Godin’s Marketing Insights

seth-godin-free-prize-inside-bookA few years back I stumbled across a wonderful little book called Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin.   The book introduced me to Seth Godin and his unique insights into the art and science of marketing and of spreading ideas.    That in turn lead m

MindRank: Are You in the Top Ten Results in the Minds of Your Customers?

pagerank-picToday everyone knows that to be found online you have to be in the top ten search results in Google - the venerable first page  -  for any search terms related to your product or service.  Why?  A very small fraction of users go past the first pa

A Tale of Two Discoveries, E.T., the Drake Equation & the Fermi Paradox

A supergiant elliptical galaxy Two recent discoveries this week have overturned some of science's most basic assumptions about life on earth  and   the probability of  extra-terrestrial life elsewhere in the universe. The first one was announced by NASA in a news confere